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In this day of legal “do it yourself” resources and limited financial abilities, many people facing legal issues either do not want to hire a traditional attorney or cannot afford an attorney to manage their case from start to finish.  However, navigating the legal system, on your own, can be a confusing and overwhelming task.

If you have decided to take your legal matter into your own hands and are looking for affordable guidance and assistance to help You navigate the legal system on your own, you’ve come to the right place!


Legal On Your Own, P.A. is a non-traditional law firm  owned and operated by Florida Bar Attorney and Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Court Mediator, Michele S. Stephan.  The firm  offers “A La Carte” or Unbundled Legal Consultation Services and Limited Scope Representation for those wanting to handle their legal case on their own.

Different from an online legal service or non-lawyer run document preparation service, when you hire Legal On Your Own, P.A. to assist you with Your Case, you will meet face to face with a Licensed Florida Bar Attorney and discuss the specific circumstances You are going through and discuss the best options for Your Case.   After meeting with the attorney, you should have the peace of mind to believe what you are doing is right for you and be able to manage your case in a confident & self-assured manner.


When you decide to represent yourself in a legal matter, you are called a “Pro Se Litigant.”  The Pro Se Litigant is held to the same standards as a lawyer when it comes to Court Rules, Court Procedure and presentation.  You will be required to file your documents or Pleadings in the appropriate form, follow the procedures and deadlines outlined in the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure and comply with all other Rules related to the Court process such as Courtroom Rules of Etiquette, Local Rules of Professionalism and Rules of Evidence.


We offer Unbundled Legal Consultation Services and Limited Representation Services.

A La Carte or Unbundled Legal Consultation Services:

With A La Carte or Unbundled Legal Consultation Services, Legal On Your Own, P.A. will not represent you and will not be the attorney of record in your case.  You will at all times represent yourself and be responsible for your case.

Legal On Your Own, P.A. can help you with the tools you will need to handle your case competently, in a self assured and empowered way.

Legal On Your Own, P.A. can help You prepare the paperwork for your case, educate You on the law and procedure and once your case is filed, can continue to guide and counsel you through the remainder of the case on an “as needed” basis.    Services are “a la carte” which means you only pay for the services you feel you need, when you need it.

A La Carte or Unbundled Legal Consultation Services include:

Assistance with the Florida Supreme Court approved Pro Se Forms

Document Review

Document Preparation

Ghostwriting of letters, pleadings and documents

Coaching the Pro Se Litigant on courtroom etiquette and procedure

Education in the Law and Civil Procedure

Education on the Rules of Evidence & Rules of Professional Conduct

Guidance, Advice & Counseling on YOUR specific matter


Witness interviewing

Witness preparation

Trial or Hearing Preparation

Legal Research

Preparation of testimony


Limited Scope Representation:  Once your case is started, if a specific matter comes up that You feel you want a lawyer to represent you with but You still want to represent yourself in the remainder of the action, you can hire Legal On Your Own, P.A. to handle a specific part of your case.

Limited Scope Representation:





With Limited Scope Representation, Legal On Your Own, P.A. and the client will enter into a Limited Service Representation Agreement where the specific limited scope of representation is clearly defined.  Both Legal On Your Own, P.A. and the client must sign the Retainer Agreement and a Florida Bar disclosure document.  Legal On Your Own, P.A. will file a Notice of Limited Notice of Appearance which sets for the specific matter for which the representation applies.  The Pro Se Litigant must file a Consent to the Notice of Limited Representation.  Once the hearing, mediation, trial or other proceeding is complete, the representation terminates.  Legal On Your Own, P.A. will be responsible for only that matter which is outlined in the Retainer Agreement.  The Pro Se Litigant continues to be responsible for all other matters associated with the case.